How We Give

Improving Lives

With every product purchase, Cashmere Realm donates 3% of each sale to further the education of underprivileged children in Nepal. We support schools in the remote regions of Solu Khumbu and Sankuwasava.

Why we help

We know from first-hand experience how the lack of proper education greatly affects people’s lives. Nepal is a poor country and the situation is especially difficult for socially and financially underprivileged minority children in the remote villages. Here, even getting access to basic learning materials such as pen and paper, is often a challenge.

Mostly schools provide core curriculum textbooks but the students are required to bring their own note books, pencils, etc. Many classrooms are bare, with little or no resources to use as learning aids. Often, classrooms have only a blackboard and occasionally some posters. The quality and availability of learning resources makes it difficult for the teachers to educate the children appropriately.

Furthermore, in Nepal it is custom that children wear uniforms at school. However many families can neither afford uniforms nor school bags. A lot of families are so poor that they can not even afford to buy notebooks and pencils for their children.

How we help

Our ‘How We Give’ team is working closely with school managers and teachers in some of the poorest and most remote regions of Nepal. We travel there on a regular basis to oversee the projects and meet with our working partners. The children are provided with uniforms, school bags, notebooks and pencils. In certain cases we also need to buy shoes or jackets for children, whose parents are unable to equip them with proper winter clothing, as the winters can get quite harsh in the mountain areas.



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